I was a Fellow at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ballycastle, County North Mayo, Ireland, an artist in residence the months of November and December of 2011. I produced many schematics of local landscape, talked with the residents, and discovered new visual/audio vocabulary ideas.

As a recipient, also, of a Lighton International Exchange Project Grant, I was able to seek out artists and institutions for an exchange of ideas and travel a bit to research more aspects of the culture. Like many others I fell in love with Ireland. These activities are also informed by my interest in James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake." Joyce's personification of the landscape in the "Wake" has been one inspiration for me, but also his layering of meanings within his writing. Some paintings were completed in Ireland, and some work has continued to the present. An exhibition of this work was presented in May of 2013 at the Kansas City Artist Coalition in Kansas City.

I also produced a blog while in residence which is archived here.